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For Mila’s Family – Weavers Row Original Print


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All proceeds including postage and fees will be donated directly to Mila’s family who have just escaped Ukraine – 4 children that were not able to bring any belongings with them. Mila works with us and has a heart of gold. I hope this will help with a weeks groceries for the family.


Each original monotype is an imprint of a pressed plant cutting from my garden on Weaver’s Row.

This is part of a very limited edition of prints with only one print made from each plant.


I wanted to document the growth, life and death I could see in my garden as it goes through the seasons. I decided to collect cuttings at the beginning of each month. During that month I make one-off impressions from the actual flower/plant and then release a small collection at the end of that month


Using a copper plate, oil paint and the printing press, the plants are imprinted onto beautiful paper.


Artists Oil Paint

Arches paper – 100% cotton made using the cylinder mold process


19cm x 28cm